Things you can’t buy in Hanoi

Here’s some things we probably should have brought over in the shipping container…


Nope, haven’t been able to get hold of shoe laces. Sandals and slip on shoes are quite popular, and shoelaces are harder to find. I’ve checked out the supermarkets and still not had much luck.

Full-face Motorcycle Helmets

Scooter helmets are widely available, although there are doubts as to their safety. But full-face helmets, such as those common in the UK, are harder to find. Given the accident rate here, I think it would be prudent to wear one.

Well-priced Wine

There are wine shops, and supermarkets will have some choice. But tax on wine is around 100%, so it’s not that popular, and there’s not always a lot of choice. One to pick up in duty free!

Ben and Jerry’s

Surprisingly, given the Vietnamese sweet tooth, the world’s sweetest ice cream cannot be found! Unilever operate here, so they could probably make it turn up if they wanted to.


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