Antwerp – Eating and Drinking


There certainly isn’t a shortage of beer in Antwerp, including local brews such as the award winning SeefBier from the Antwerpse Brouw Compagnie.  Although our favourite bars were on Suikerrui – in particular Gollem – the most interesting bar in the city is without a doubt Kulminator. Specialists in aged beer, they offer a Chimay tasting for 25 Euros.


We ate at a couple of local resturants, but our favourite was Velazquez, near the tunnel entrance. Serving modern cuisine at a reasonable price, we had a 5-course tasting menu, starting with a sharing plate of Clams in a coconut sauce and Whitebait.  Mackerel tartar:  Flax and prawn with asparagus:  Anjou pigeon with beets – perhaps the least visually appealing of the dishes, but the pigeon was cooked perfectly and it all came together well:  Finally we had chocolate 🙂  With wine pairings it came to about 80 Euros a head. I wouldn’t quite say it was Michelin star quality, but some dishes such as the tartar were getting there on the presentation front, and others such as the pigeon on the flavours. That’s probably a good thing – this is less than half the price of some of Antwerp’s 1* restaurants for food that’s perhaps 90% of the way there.


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